Animated banner ads

Have you noticed how much animations and videos are used in online marketing these days? And their aesthetic is better than ever, we must admit. You can see them in different advertising campaigns, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… well, almost everywhere on the Internet! It’s not hard to spot them when they usually look so damn better than the old-fashioned static ones. This one looks good, right?



Do you know how to make them yourself? We suppose only a small amount of people actually know how to make them and even smaller how to make ones that look good ūüôā Usually, main problem for the ordinary guys is how to make animated banner ads¬†without paying a ton of money to some marketing agency or creative studio. Most startups that are at the beginning of the business life cycles usually don’t have large budget or other resources for serious¬†online campaigns crafted just for them.

And at the same time, ironically, exactly these small business ¬†have to focus ¬†heavily on building their brand and positioning themselves among future possible customers. And it seems like a dead end. But it’s not.

So, let’s see one possible solution for this.

Here we will talk about simple and cheap/easily affordable, but yet effective way (yes, that’s possible) to have your own animated banners (like one above and all below) and/or short videos without knowing anything about animation itself. ¬†All you need is a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and some good will to play around and tweak the original animations¬†till it fits your needs.


GIFSTER – easy way to make video and animated GIF banners


Meet GIFSTER, package of pre-made templates for Photoshop that are easy to customize  and can be saved either as GIFs or rendered as a videos. All files in GIFSTER package have animation in the background.

We’ve chosen a three pretty universal and highly usable atmospherical backgrounds: fireworks, blurred lights and small discrete sparkles. On top of the animation is text you can change as any other text in the Photoshop. So you can edit font family, move text around, change its size etc.


gifster   promote_smartly


These templates can be used for all kind of promotions, discounts, announcements, online campaigns… and they will have much greater reach than the static ones. We’re in 2017, things move around! So, level up your advertising skills and promote like a pro with this easy to use video & GIF banner ads.

All files are 1080×1080 px which make them perfect for almost any social network and all blogs. You can use this banners to invite people to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter or Instagram, Pinterest, Dribble… or just make a good inspirational quote and share it to your visitors.


pomo_quote  facebook_promote


For more examples of banner ads created with GIFSTER vist our tumblr blog >>

To shop GIFSTER package on Creative Market go here >>


Heave a great 2017! Happy holidays to all of you people!

NordWood team