Should you use Instagram?

You must be asking yourself this question if you are over 35 ūüėÄ

It seems that 2 out of 3 Instagram users are under 35. Some amazing stats about Instagram shows that this is one of the fastest if not the single fastest growing social network. Different sources place it on different position by the number of users but it definitely is in the top 3.



Source: Dreamgrow.

As by December 2016. Instagram officially has over 600 milion users!

We can go on with this amazing numbers but it’s pretty obvious, if you have a business you need to have an Instagram account and to be visible there. You can advertise your products there, engage with customers, promote some sales, new product models etc. Again if you are a blogger or do anything that concerns people – Instagram is one of the best platforms to share your posts, remind people about something or just state your presence and grow your follower base.


How to be noticed on Instagram?

Well, if you try to Google it you will find countless posts over the Internet about “How easily to make your Instagram look beautiful”, “How to become¬†Instagram famous in 3 steps”, “3 ways to become popular on Instagram” etc. The thing is… It’s not easy. It doesn’t come overnight. ¬†


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The thing is, people who are not your friends & family will never follow¬†your account if it doesn’t offer something that is interesting/valuable to them. By interesting / valuable we mean a lot of things. It might be that your account is funny and people will follow cause they know¬†they can expect funny photos/videos from you on their feed. ¬†It might be that people will like your profile because you have a product or a service they are interested in and want to stay updated about it. In that case do not spam with funny cats cause that’s not why the followers came initially.¬†If you have a good style and dress nicely people who have similar taste will follow you and expect to get nice ideas from your Instagram posts. Also, visitors may like overall vibe of your feed, general aesthetic and want to stay¬†updated with the things you post…


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Good thing is that you don’t need to have funny and smart posts, good taste, know how to cook and shoot food like a pro, have great quality photos like NatGeo…. no. It’s enough that you have just one of those things and people will follow. ¬†So don’t try to be all in one because then people won’t know what to expect from you and probably wont press that FOLLOW button.


Extra boost with Instamasks


If your account has its identity people will come and follow. That’s for sure. But, from time to time you can sparkle a little spice over your feed, just for a sake of it and make new people pay attention to your profile. You can do this by playing with some custom filters or by using instavideo.

Also, if you have basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop you can try out InstaMasks – simple layered masks you can use to visually boost your post, especially if your original photo doesn’t have perfect composition, light or is slightly out of focus. ¬†If a¬†photo you want to share on Instagram doesn’t has that eye-catching quality you need to get likes, comments & eventually new followers with InstaMasks you can turn your photos into interesting double-exposures/graphics that will hardly¬†go unnoticed on anybody‚Äôs Instagram feed.

Take a look at InstaMaks on CreativeMarket and UI8.