Hey guys! We just want to introduce this blog and say a few things about topics we’re going to cover.

First, we are NordWood. Behind the name is a small creative team. Some of us are really into web design. The others are really into web development. We like to think that we are good at that. No, we’re awesome! Actually, we’re ok. 😀

We are also into blogging, sharing, speaking openly and so we are all happy to be lucky enough to live in 21 century when people are connected like never before and global knowledge is just few clicks away.

Therefore, here we will talk about web design, WordPress, photography, coding problems etc – basically, we will covering broad field of topics that could interest someone who is either interested into design, has site running on WP platform or planning to start one. Also we will share our experience related to ThemeForest, their review process and things we learnt along the way 🙂

Don’t forget to connect with us on social networks (check links in the upper right corner).


PS: We hope we’ll do better than Chuck 😀